Technical Details

  • Unix Ubuntu 16.04 hosting with Linode
  • TEI/XML encoded files of my corpus (22+ works set in Madrid)
  • ExistDB database for hosting the TEI files. This facilitates using XQuery to work with and analyze the entire collection and export XML, csv and shape files with data from the corpus. I can use these files for maps and visualizations.
  • MySQL database to facilitate data entry and low-level GIS functions, in particular for people, places and works
  • PostGIS datbase. A more sophisticated environment for manipulating geospatial data.
  • Nightly cronjobs to synch MySQL with ExistDB data and vice-versa, download updated XML, csv, and shape files.
  • Xquery/XSLT for querying ExistDB data
  • SQL for querying the MySQL and PostGIS databases.
  • R Shiny with Leaflet for mapping and graphing (libraries: leaflet, ggplot, streamgraph, etc.)
  • R markdown for knitting and sharing print- and web-friendly graphs and visualizations
  • QGIS for print maps and high quality images. Mapwarping.
  • HTML, CSS, and PHP for web page development.
Mapping and Data Resources